Goalkeeper Coaching



Level: Easy
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One on One Sessions
Indivual One on One Intensive Training
Individual Training Session, 1 hour, One on One

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BFA Goalkeeper one on one sessions will bring to our star keepers all the fundamental techniques that they need to become an expert goal keeper. If your child shows an interest or natural talent in goalkeeping these sessions are an incredible opportunity to enhance the skills of one of the most important positions on the football field.


Our technical coaches focus on teaching your child the mechanics of catching and deflecting the ball, footwork and distribution of the ball to teammates, quick reflexes and decision making for penalty saving and starting key attack plays. In an introductory session your star keeper will be evaluated based on playing experience and age, and technical and physical capability to establish skill level so that sessions can be tailored made to improve ability and confidence. Any great team starts with an even greater keeper and at the Brazilian Football Academy we produce some of the best technical Goalkeepers in Sydney.

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