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Level: Easy
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Futsal Program Gold Coast
• Platinum Membership
• Gold Membership
• Academy Membership

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Price$440.00 or $250.00 per term, $30.00 per session
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PriceGold Coast Futsal Flyer Brochure

2020 Futsal Membership Program in the Gold Coast

Junior Futsal Indoor Soccer

Futsal, also known as indoor soccer is a 5-a-side lightning fast paced game where your child can develop his or her skills in fast thinking, improvisation, pin point passing and quick reflexes. It is an incredible team sport, where your child will benefit from learning ball control and precise passing, technical ability and decision making in a fun indoor environment.


In developing skills in an enclosed indoor environment, Futsal is proven to develop player’s abilities to think and react quickly, increase ball control and passing and over time instinctively handle game pressure much better. These skills are easily transferrable onto an outdoor pitch and both Futsal and Football pair seamlessly into creating an all-round star player.


Gabriel Gomes hails from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and grew up playing and mastering the techniques of Futsal. He is one of Sydney’s premier Futsal coaches, and believes that before your child can successfully play on the grass it is vital to learn and develop Futsal skills in quick reflexes, passing, control and team work which are key for the career of any footballer.


Train like the professionals – all year round.
As a Platinum Futsal Member you can choose 20
Sessions to train in a 22-Week Term*
Two terms in 2020 (Fridays):
T1: 31/01 to 03/07 | T2: 24/07 to 18/12
Price: $440.00 per term

Because you were born to shine.
Your Gold Futsal Membership allows you to choose
10 Sessions to train in a 11-Week Term*
Four terms in 2020 (Fridays):
T1: 31/01 to 03/04 | T2: 01/05 to 03/07
T3: 24/07 to 25/09 | T4: 16/10 to 18/12
Price $250.00 per term

Your goal is to improve and have fun.
You are a BFA member and part of the team but
you want to choose when to train. No fixed term
and more flexibility.
40 Training Sessions in 2020 (Fridays):
From 31/01 to 18/12
Price: $30.00 per session

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