Our programs

Our programs are designed for children and youth between the ages of 6 to 14 years old. The programs are designed for all skill levels in an age-appropriate model to work on all aspects of a football player’s abilities. Apart from offering year-round and seasonal football and futsal programs, we also offer private coaching sessions, our own football tour to Brazil and partnership opportunities with Australian schools and football clubs.


BFA incorporates elements that have set Brazilian players apart from their peers, such as technique, creativity, superior skills, finesse and improvisation. In addition to teaching football specific skills, we also work to improve our players’ game understanding, cognitive skills, and physical literacy, including balance, coordination, running technique and mechanics.

“There is no magic elixir, nor is there an easy system to emulate from other parts of the world. Certainly if we could re-create the way Brazil develops players, we’d be the first to sign up.”

– Sunil K. Gulati, former President U.S. Soccer Federation